Tuesday, October 23

In the pink

Not essentially last in the rainbow (like Violet is) but its a shade of Indigo and that would be just too boring. I know you can find us some pink.

There's no doubt about this fella no matter what he is always PINK.
I've a pink card to share as well today. It's having a bit of an identity crisis as I'm not sure if it's a tag or a card.
Not getting much craft stuff done, as I'd anticipated. Literally working on the most urgent stuff whenever I can steal a few minutes. Was hoping to complete some more JustBex challenges before the midnight deadline but that's looking highly unlikely now. I'd have got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids!!

** Kate **


Diana said...

Like your take on the prompt and love your card! Love Di

Rach said...

Awwww cute lil piglet! Fab card too x

Bobs said...

LOLOL - I was going to do Piglet today too! I'll have to think of summat else now! lol

I love Piglet!!!

Bambi said...

awww, cute piglet!

Andrea said...

Love that card, it looks fab with the big flower on it

Maaike said...

piglet rocks