When Anita's away Kirsty will play!

So we will start with colours of the rainbow and today is Red. Show us something in Red in your space.
I don't know what these are, but they have completely overgrown the shed roof, which is no doubt collapsing under the strain.
There is a separate plant there that gives the orange berries - so I will be sorted for that colour too! Oooh Kirsty, don't pick orange until I've had time to buy and carve the pumpkin.
Not much to report on the craft front. Did quite a lot of tidying - mainly of magazines. A lot of effort and not a lot to show for it.

We have 2 parents evenings to go to this week and I have some craft deadlines to meet so there will be no excuses, all spare time to be spent creating.
The annual fun fair is in town. My dad used to take me when I was little and I used to go every night when I was in my teens. Haven't been for years, have managed to avoid taking the Dinky Diva so far but I think she is going to be far more aware of what's going on now she's in primary school. Of course it would be a fab photo opportunity, but with parents evening it will have to be tonight or not at all. I think I will go recharge the camera battery just in case.

** Kate **


Rachael said…
Once upon a time I knew the name of this bush as I have one but at the moment the name eludes me! Great shot of it, mine has no berries this year :(
Hazel said…
Fab photos. Go on, Kate, you know you want to go to the funfair (I used to love going as a kid - haven't been to one for years - remember the ducks with numbers on the bottom)
Anonymous said…
That is a gorgeous picture. All it needs is a dusting of snow.
Diana said…
Great shot love that creeper but no idea what it is!
Anonymous said…
Great photo Kate... I used to love the funfair but I'm a scaredy cat now I'm older... and the waltzer makes me sick :(
Bobs said…
Looks like a Cotoneaster, but I'm probably wrong! Whatever it is, it's a lovely shot!
Anonymous said…
I should know what that is, too, but I can't place it. Love the berries though--great shot.

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