Monday, October 22

Indigo and Challenges

Our penultimate colour for the rainbow theme is Indigo. Give me your Indigo

Not really sure if this lil lady is indigo or not.
I found several online crops/challenges on the last couple of days. I decided as I have been doing so well with the October challenges on JustBex I would stick with them. Also their challenges were around getting more stuff done ready for Christmas so a double purpose.

So first off 5 Christmas cards with the man himself on.
Then 3 gift tags.
All the above cards and tags made from American Traditional Designs stickers.
Then there was a Christmas flower.
And finally a Christmas sign.
No ribbon to hang it from as yet as I'm waiting for my Crop-O-Dile to arrive!

The meal went really well last night if a little chaotic. For who ever asked yes it was a buffet (there were 17 of us in total in the end). And yes we were gentle with him but he did look a little like a rabbit caught in the headlights at times. The next family dinner is in a fortnight so the test will be if he comes back again!

Half-terms begun and although I haven't heard the actual words "I'm bored" yet there has been plenty of screaming and bickering already.
Ideas needed - Things for two children to do indoors, which don't take up much room, aren't messy and don't cost anything!!

** Kate **


Diana said...

LOL Love your indigo. Your cards and tags and sign are also really great. Well Done and love from Di

Andrea said...

Fabulous cards and your sign is wonderful I love the papers which you have used for it

Skotasma said...

Cute indigo =)
And a good idea to get started with the christmas stuff. Either I'm very early or very late with that.

Bobs said...

I used to LOVE the Mr Men and Little Misses - especially with the late, great Arthur Lowe narrating! Thanks for the happy memories there!

So Sonya said...

You have been busy!! Lovely!

Bambi said...

what a happy indigo (^_^)

Sue said...

Great collection Kate!! you have been busy

pokettiger said...

It looks like indigo to me. Cute!

Rach said...

:D Fab!

Great cards too!

Louise said...

Love the last winter wishes card... it's gorgeous.

I think she's indigo enough.. great take on the prompt:)

Hazel said...

Lol! for indigo! Well done with all the JB challenges - great results.