Tuesday, October 16

All the fun of the fair!

Yes we went and I'm so glad we did.
Lots to share today.

Following our rainbow theme this week, Orange comes next in the rainbow to Red. Show us Orange in your space.

Yep, Kirsty chose orange, I've no pumpkin and it's raining too hard to go and snap the orange version of yesterday's berries (generally thought to be cotoneaster). So I've had to resort to photographing my prima flowers.

OK back to the fair. We went early evening to avoid the crowds for the kids benefit.
Chris commented on my last post that the waltzers make her sick. I totally agree, so no going on this then. Wasn't going near this either - it calls itself 'Stargate'. Spins round like the old 'Cage' but then flips upside down. This is more like my kind of fairground attraction!Perhaps some more fair piccies tomorrow. Oh, nearly forgot, these fellows followed us home. Won on the hook the Disney character, splat the frog with a hammer and the goose that lays eggs (ping pong balls actually).

On to some crafting - yes I managed lots despite gallivanting around.

JustBex had a challenge to make 5 cards not using Christmas papers. Here's the fave of my 5. Editied ** because I just realised I can't share the other 4 on JustBex unless I host them here first, doh! **
Noticed when I was looking through the Making Memories Cosmo pack to make them that there was paisley and there's a challenge for that too.6 cards made and worked on deadline stuff too. Def feeling smug!

** Kate **


Rachael said...

Great flowers they look lush. The plant from yesterday is definetly what you think it is. I can't believe that Dave has taken over from the History channel we liked watching that, we are boring here too. x

Hazel said...

So you should feel smug - great lot of cards. Love the orange primas (well, I love any primas!)

Jolanda said...

Great pictures! Love the cards!

Sue Nicholson said...

Great styling. Love prima flowers too.

We should go to the fair together :) I am with you on the rides and sweets! I never win though :(

Wow Kate they are smashing cards. I love the lil mice.


Andrea said...

The fair looks like great fun, I've not been to 1 for years. Love your cards, I like the combination of pink and brown for Xmas

Bambi said...

i like how you shot them spilling out of the jar (^_^)

Angelnorth said...

Awww, love the little mouse with list stamp - very cute! You made the non-Christmas papers work well, Kate.

Shannon said...

Not sure what kind of flowers those are but they are very pretty.