Sunday, October 14

SOS #8 and Frogs

HS:MS - Show Off Sunday #8
Loved the bright colour of this lily when I spotted it at a garden open day.
Keeping with the watery theme. One of the challenges on JustBex for October is to make a card from a photo.
Frog photo taken in mum's garden, decorated with rub-ons on an acetate overlay.

Major tidying on the agenda today. I know where stuff is but craft magazines and papers all topple over onto me when I try to get anything.

** Kate **


Anonymous said...

Your SOS is beautiful what a gorgeous vibrant colour that lily is :0
Fab SPS photos yesterday too...just gorgeous :D

Hazel said...

That's a great card. As for the lily - it's absolutely stunning!

Monty's Mum said...

Great photos! well done. Hope you were able to do your tidying!