WOYWW - organisation

There are a few things happening on and around my desk this Wednesday.  Check out Julia's Stamping Ground if you're new to the WOYWW idea.  All of my photos are a bit early morning bleary and unfocused today, which just about reflects how I feel!
First up some organisation for notepads, diaries, cutting boards and other bits.  I found this purple card display in the back of the wardrobe and thought I would get on and use it as part of my big clear up.
This is the wallet I'm using for Learn Something New Every Day this year.  An old peel-offs case which I've added some black card bases to with the plan of adding 3x4 cards on top.
Finally a bit of non-craft organising.  I've bought this jewellery holder to hang behind a door with mini make-up supplies in, all those bits that disappear into the bottom of a bag or box and then I end up buying more because I can't find them.  Inspiration for this was from this crazy very organised lady.

I've got some fairy stamps to give away here if anyone doesn't already have them an wants to give them a good home.  Details on this post.

~ Kate ~ 


Lunch Lady Jan said…
Love that storage idea!! You may want to visit my blog as you were the caption winner :-) please could you email me your address and ill get your winnings off to you!
Hugs, LLJ 44 xx
kay said…
I just love storage :-)
Kay # 41
CraftygasheadZo said…
I love your storage. I too love taking things and creating new storage, I have recently re-purposed a dog food box and made it into storage to put my SU ink pads as it's the right width and height to home them all. Take care Zo xx 71
Twiglet said…
Great storage - the hanger is fab cos you can see where everything is thro the plastic - x Jo
Morti said…
Oh LOL - how funny that we were in the PO together! Next time you will definitely have to walk up to me and poke me firmly. I was in a world of my own, focussed on forms and paperwork (the joys of remarrying and having to change the name on everything!) and birthday presents.

Love what you've been working on this week - have a happy WOYWW!
Laura said…
I'm on a massive clear up too, good luck with the rest of yours :)
glitterandglue said…
Good storage ideas - leaving lots of room for crafting.
Have a great week.
Margaret #50
sandysewin said…
Must be the time of year for organizing. :-)

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #13
ike said…
Cool - I love innovative storage ideas - thanks for sharing :-)


IKE in Greece #67 xxxxx
Julia Dunnit said…
OOh, love a bit of useful re-purpose ing...the Peel Off holder is a great idea! I need a mini organiser for just my lip balms/salves and such..seem to be a hoarder of them...great idea....
Anonymous said…
I love storage too - why are we always looking for the better way to organize?? Sometimes the best art is born out of chaos....


Happy (catching up from last week first) WOYWW!
Mary Anne (30)
Lisa-Jane said…
Once again I have got precisely nowhere with LSNED! Hope you are doing better than me!

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