The Big Move

Whilst this blog is, and always will be, primarily about crafts something else is taking preference in my life at the moment; the need to move.  The weekend then, saw us embark on the 1st of many in house transformations to ready the property to go on the market.  The house itself is something I bought when I worked full-time in an office, in another life before children and I've lived here over 20 years!  It doesn't bear thinking about the amount of grot you can acquire in 20 years.

The kitchen cupboards took the 1st hit.  Look even space on the top shelf for food when the delivery comes this week.
Out-of-date stuff consigned to the bin and a new 1st aid box on the top shelf out of reach.
Base cupboard sorted and cleaned.  Why are cereal boxes so tall, what are you meant to do with them?
Travel with me and share your ideas/tips for tidying, decluttering and moving and I'll share pictures of my journey along the way.

~ Kate ~ 


Laura said…
have you discovered Kat at the Organised Housewife Blog? She's the queen of organising and decluttering!
Lunch Lady Jan said…
No tips on decluttering I'm afraid...I just go for it. I love recycling/selling/repurposing stuff.
Are you going far?
Thanks for the visit,
LLJ 58 xx
MiamiKel said…
OH my, 20 years is how long we've been in our home, too! Exactly! When you look at all that you accumulate and collect, then have to purge, it's a daunting task! Nice to meet you!

Kelly #43

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