Happy Face :)

Yes, yesterday went much better and I felt even more like myself again.  I had a second attempt at Tim's September tag and was pleased enough with the results to share them here.
Tuesday's tag had more Grunge Paste on it and the stamp I'd chosen (a blueprint one) overlapped with it and printed with lots of gaps making the image heard to 'read'.
I also stamped in black on Tuesday and found the contrast too harsh.  This time I used Wendy Vecchi Archival Ink in Watering Can and I think this will now be my go to colour, grey is the new black!
I discovered a new jewellery magazine recently, Belle Armoire, and ordered a back issue with information about metal stamping.  I had a go and here's my prototype, SMO is testing it to see how it wears and ages and it's doubling up as a birthday gift for him too.
There's a 'U' stamped on the reverse.  Again I was so pleased with the outcome after my recent disasters.  I can officially declare that yesterday was a good day.

~ Kate ~


Laura said…
Hooray! :) :) :)
Cathy Michels said…
Beautiful tag - love all of the detail! Congrats on your win!
Mary Elizabeth said…
Gorgeous tag :) Love the colors and stamping. And your stenciling is really brilliant. Excellent take on Tim's tag -- Congrats on your win this month!! -- Mary Elizabeth
Winnie said…
Congrats on your winning tag! Fun stamps and great stenciling, I love the various metal pieces and the fun fibers etc!
Gita said…
Congrats on your win!! Lovely tag.

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