Sad Face :(

Both my health and creativity are on a bit of a low at the moment, not helped I'm sure by the stresses and strains of planning a move.  Yesterday I set aside some creative time.  Time to play and feel like me.  What a disaster!  I tried Tim's tag for September and created a monstrosity that I am not going to share here, even if it wasn't already in pieces in the bin.  Then I tried a bit of stamping and I couldn't even get that right!

Undeterred I am about to try the tag again and this time I will share the results as I think I know where it went wrong last time.

YouTube videos and sites like Two Peas and Pinterest are great for inspiration, but I've decided there's nothing like an intensive bit of Sir Tim to really get the creative techniques jump started.
I've signed up for Creative Chemistry 102, ordered a few new products (my shopping ability seems unaffected by my current situation, funny that!) and I can't wait to get started.

~ Kate ~    

P.S. nearly forgot to mention, if your looking for inspiration and a good giggle with a very talented and funny lady check out Donna's inspiration Wednesday videos.


Laura said…
D'ya know it's so nice to hear someone else has made something that was so bad they didn't want to share.
I've just made an advent calendar from a kit and it's hideous. It was meant to be showcased as a DT piece but it's sitting in the cupboard, out of sight in a bag, waiting to be de-bradded and recycled.
I felt really rubbish and put off crafting until today when I tried something new and triumphed :)
Thanks for reminding me I am 'normal' (whatever that is!) and I hope your triumph and better health comes to you really soon X
Lisa-Jane said…
Oh no :-( That doesn't sound good. I'm glad the decluttering is getting underway. I desperately need to start ours but it won't happen yet. Sending you creative and health getting vibes x

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