This was one of the HS:MS words for the week and sums up how I am feeling.

I just can't stop coughing and it dominates my whole day. I must have water to hand, speak as little as possible and definitely not sleep!! I've pulled some muscles in my back again last night (all those pregnancy loose ligaments) so overall feeling delicate and sorry for myself. (I see my GP Tuesday before relatives try and come to drag me off for medical attention.)

As delicate but not looking as pretty as these flowers in Mum's garden.
Other HS:MS photos from this week.

Bathe - The Dinky one bathing her feet on holiday a couple of years ago, one of my fav photos of her.
Had her home from school yesterday due to the teacher's strike. We had a lovely day together and she was a delight.

Twisted - The kids straws which I am mean and don't let them have often as they are a devil to clean out.
Brace yourselves, I might do some crafting later, I've been asked for a sample of a First Communion card and thought it might take my mind off things.

** Kate **


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