Sure sign

That the children are getting better...........................yep they're fighting!!
Temperatures are back to normal and so is the bickering. Left them with a tray of Play-Doh whilst I blog. They are both too old for it really but for some reason it seems to keep them amused.

The sun is out again today but it's still bitterly cold, so we've decided to keep indoors for one more day and hope to venture out tomorrow.

HS:MS - Lever
A bar resting on a pivot used to help move a heavy load. Find a lever in your space today.

Here is Small-N-Grubby attempting to lever the Doh from the pot.
I have promised the Dinky Diva that she will assist with tomorrow's photo, so let's hope it's something do-able.

I've put a message up on my shop forum this morning to say that I just haven't had the time I would like to get new stock made up. Things will just have to tick along for the rest of the year with me doing what I can when I can. It's hard to sit back and accept but I guess it's what I have to do.

** Kate **


Rach said…
Lovely busy shot there. In answer to your question my pic was taken at the Black Country Museum Nr Birmingham. x
Louise said…
great idea for the prompt.

I think you have enough going on in your life at the moment... your customers will understand, and you can do more when the time is right:)
Zoe said…
All kids love Play doh (even at 30 something!! :) :)) Great shot x
Aubrey Harns said…
Great shot. Play Doh always gets vacuumed in there doesn't it?!
Hazel said…
Lovely shot for lever. Look forward to seeing what the Dinky Diva does tomorrow.

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