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There seems to be a bit of a musical instrument theme at HS:MS this morning so I thought I would play along.
'I like to play my bongo in the morning', well I don't actually it spends most of its time on a high shelf where the kids can't reach it. It is a souvenir from my sister's travels which had had several homes but somehow ended up in mine.

'New stash arriving daily', I like the sound of that, although I will probably moan when the credit card bill comes in. Here's what I got yesterday.
Hopefully another parcel due today.

Both kids are back at school, hooray! But with SMO away at the end of this week and then the school hols my peace is not going to last long. At least it looks like I will have some company from QVC whilst SMO is away, crafts on Thursday and handbags on Friday, ahh revenge is sweet.

** Kate **


JanMary said…
Love the shades of blue on the drum.....and great stash too!
Anonymous said…
Very pretty instrument.
Jess said…
love how you hung it up. fantastic photo
pokettiger said…
Gorgeous bongo!
Aubrey Harns said…
Great shot. What a gorgeous bongo!
Angela said…
Wow, thats some instrument, love the colours.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful instrument! My daughter bought my son a beautiful bongo in New Mexico (he's a former drummer). I don't know if he plays it any more, but it's a lovely thing to look at--as is yours.

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