Cold Snap

The cold weather has really set in, here are my snowy pics from Sunday.
Not a great deal to shout about but considering it was shorts weather on Friday it's really come as a shock.

Had a terrible night with the Dinky Diva last night. Her temperature soared and she was a bit delirious at times. I wonder if she got chilled in the park on Saturday on top of everything else. She is much better this morning and Small-N-Grubby is doing fine, just need to get them both back on normal food, they are still both asking to nibble at treats!! SMO and I on the other hand look like zombies, good practice for the sleepless nights to come I hear you say. DD slept across our bed last night so even when she did nod off we didn't have room to lie down.

Keeping indoors today as it's so bitterly cold. More painting I think, we'll share some of our masterpieces tomorrow.

HS:MS - Moss
A low growing, spore producing plant with no roots that grows in damp conditions. Find some moss in your space today.

Taken in Mum's garden during the lovely sunny day we had on Friday.

** Kate **


Jen said…
gorgeous moss shot :)
pokettiger said…
Great moss photo!
Sue Nicholson said…
That's the prettiest moss I have seen so far :-) Lovely :-)

Aubrey Harns said…
Hazel said…
Great shot! Just catching up after my break from HS:MS. Hope the two littl'uns improve.
Rach said…
Beautiful mossy shot. Hope you had fun painting. x

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