Self Portraits???

It's portrait Saturday over at HS:MS and so here we all are courtesy of the Dinky Diva. I'm not exactly sure who is who but I have a nasty feeling I'm the one on the bottom left with the hair! The one on the bottom right is definitely Peter Andre
I'm not sure how SMO feels about being the spitting image of Petey!

Here's the couple of cards I made yesterday, it was lovely to get back into making things, and I even got the peel-offs out!I think I must push myself to make more, it's just that initial effort to get all the stuff out now that I have to be tidy to make room for baby.

Had another restless night but I think overall the total number of hours/minutes spent asleep is growing each night.

First cricket match today so SMO has disappeared into the sunset - apparently he will be making the teas - actually I think he is a dab hand at it by now.

** Kate **


Bambi said…
lol ... cute sps!
Hazel said…
Hope you're feeling better now and the coughing has eased. Lovely communion card. And lol! at the SPS!
Rach said…
Lol at the SPS's. I was born on the first day of the cricket season ?? years ago. My Dad refused to go to the hospital until after he had finished the match so my poor mum had to just hand on to me!! x

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