HS:MS - Flag
A piece of cloth attached by one edge to a pole or rope. Find a flag in your space today.

I've used my favorite flag pic before so I thought today I would use some different shots of the same view. It was such a sunny day, much brighter and cheerier than today!
I can't believe it was 2005 these were taken, it feels like so long ago and the Small-N-Grubby one looked so adorably cute. Check out the curls and the chubby legs.
Nothing crafty to share today, but I did want to get a pic of my magnolia before the blooms finished. It was too windy and wet when they were at their best, but managed to get this shot yesterday in between the breezes.
** Kate **


Jolanda said…
Lovely pictures. Love the magnolia!
Diana said…
Great shots as usual!
maz said…
A whole field of flags- a photographer's paradise! Love your shots and that Magnaolia is beautiful:-)
Anonymous said…
Great shots all three!
pokettiger said…
I love all those flags - how cool. Gorgeous blossom photo too. It is amazing how quickly little ones grow up. I can barely beleive my twin daughters will be turning 2 years old in about a month. So much can change in just a year.
Rach said…
Lovely pictures. My youngest turned 12 last week and it only seems like yesterday that I bought him home from the hospital. x
Aubrey Harns said…
What terrific flags,
Thanks for sharing!

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