Friday, April 4


Rapidity of movement or action. We see speed everyday...right?!

Having a very non-speedy day today as I wore myself out yesterday. Was ready for bed by 9pm but still had the dog to feed and play with, washing up to do and the Dinky Diva crying her eyes out. They had been working on a badge at Brownies and finished it last week when she was off with he spots. When they handed them out last night she didn't get one, bless. I think she cried herself to sleep in the end. They have promised to finish it with her after the hols but that was no consolation.

So here is a pic of her looking a lot happier speeding on her old scooter last summer.
** Kate **


Diana said...

Awww the poor darling missing out on her badge. Lovely shot kate!

Rach said...

Awww what a shame, she'll be happy when she gets it though. Lovely shot. x

Jess said...

lovely shot. to bad about the badge, it really is so hard to try and console them, they just don't get it, and you always feel bad.

pokettiger said...

Very cute speed photo!