Tuesday, April 29

Dairy, Sizzix and Quacks

HS:MS - Dairy
Milk or milk products. Find some in your space today.

Yoghurt seems to be one of the things I'm surviving on at the moment, these non-lumpy smoothie ones are very nice.
Kirsty has been having a turn out and so I took the opportunity to stock up on some dies, as I still only had the ones that came with the machine.

They arrived this morning in a scrummy looking package.
And now I have all of these to play with.
Been to the quacks again this morning. He spent half my appointment chatting excitedly about Parvovirus and then looked up and said "you haven't come to talk about this have you?" Bless him, I suppose it was something a bit different to brighten his day. All is well, although my latest tests show that I am still breaking down body fat for energy. I don't see how this can be helped until I can start eating properly again!!

I expressed my concern that I was in no fit state for giving birth and he said there was weeks to go before we needed to be worried about that. I feel that even if I clear this cough in the next few days it's going to take time to get my energy and exercise levels back up to normal pregnancy standards. 'Weeks' doesn't seem very long and I still have loads of baby prep jobs, shopping, moving furniture to do.

An early morning appointment did mean he saw me at my worst and having said that there was nothing he could give me he relented and offered to 'consider' possible medication if I could provide a rather disgusting sample for him (I won't go into details). I said I would have a go but it would probably make me sick, he advised it must be a sick free sample, so I don't think I have much hope there.

I'll let you know how I get on!!!

** Kate **


Rach said...

Good luck with your "sample". Hope you get sorted out as I have just worked out from your ticker you haven't got that long left at all. x

Louise said...

i can't (don't want) to imagine what kind of a sample you need, but hope it goes ok.