Ill Again!

Yep, can you believe it I have been ill again! I picked up the bug Small-N-Grubby had and have been in bed for days with a hideous cough and sore throat. Unable to lie-down I have hardly slept or eaten for nearly a week.

I managed to drag myself to the hospital yesterday and the scan so far shows the baby is clear of Parvovirus. My next appointment is in a fortnight's time. My consultant was really nice (1st sighting of my actual consultant since started attending over 8 years ago.) She gave me some advice about my cough/throat and I am feeling on the mend today after a night of reasonable sleep.

Asked what sex the baby was but it was led in the wrong position so we are none the wiser.

SMO left his keys in the taxi on the way to the hospital so we couldn't get in the house when we got home. I was done in and literally dragged myself to my mum's where I slept on the spare bed until he sorted things out. The keys had been taken to the Police Station so he and the Dinky Diva walked all the way to the other side of town to get them back.

Children are back to school on Monday so I am aiming to be back blogging, crafting and taking photos then.

** Kate **

P.s. Small-N-Grubby would now like to be known as Magical-N-Sneaky, or perhaps he should be the artiste previously known as S-N-G.


Rach said…
Oooo Kate I hope you are feeling better really soon. Sending you loads of {{{HUGS}}}.

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