Slip sliding away?

Are you struggling to walk to school on wet or icy pavements whilst holding up 2 children, one on each arm?  If this sounds like you, I have a recommendation for you.  Antarctica boots.

Last winter, fed up with slipping around on slick wet/icy pavements I decided to try some snow boots from a local independent shop and I haven't looked back.  I've unpacked them again this winter and they're still going strong.  A good grip on wet or icy paths and the bon us that they work for snow days too.

I was wondering if they will last for a 3rd winter and started looking around for a new pair.  To my horror I couldn't find them and the girl in the original shop I had bought them in just looked at me blankly (that vacant Saturday shop girl expression!)  Then by chance I found a pair in John Lewis and discovered they have become a John Lewis own brand!  This pair are now mine.
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These are similar to the style of the pair I originally bought (great for fitting any calf size.)
 Buy John Lewis Antartica 2 Snow Boots, Black Online at
They aren't listed as Antarctica but you can see the label in the pictures.  I shall be keeping an eye open for the sales and maybe adding a 3rd pair to my collection.  Maybe in a different colour to black.
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Hopefully they will be popular at John Lewis and they will continue to stock them.  Then I will never have to worry about finding winter boots again!



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