Wednesday, January 9

Where have I been?

Knee deep in craft supplies that's where. Having a slight lull before this year's many projects kick in (and not least of all due to the promise of a new bed) I started on a complete turn out. Over Christmas the craft stuff had edged to within a foot space of the bed and I couldn't stand it any longer.

I've discovered loads of supplies from my early crafting days which I just don't use anymore (heading for the local day centre) and equally loads of magazines which I thought I would refer to all the time but the projects look dated now (headed for the recycling).
In my head I see a beautiful craft space with all things packed neatly away and easy to find (in my dreams!). But have been so determined to try I haven't even blogged! So what tempted me back to the computer today. Firstly I had a lie-in and shut my eyes to the mounds of mess. Secondly I had a catch-up on HS:MS.

Monday was 'Fold'. One sister gave me this lovely pink shawl for Christmas, (the other gave me craft supplies but I can't photograph them as they have already been assimilated into the collective).
Tuesday was 'Bling'. Just had to go for some of my own creations here and so I went for a couple of pairs of my blingiest earrings.
Now for today, which is 'Steam'. I had a look at some of the other contributions and on at least 3 it said 'steam added later in photoshop', good on the honesty but how hard can it be? Bloomin hard, that's what!

Now if it had been Monday I could have taken a self portrait of the steam coming out of my ears. Small-N-Grubby flatly refused to go to school and hid behind the bunk beds in his pjs. SMO took the Dinky Diva on up the hill while I tried to persuade him it was in his best interests. We both lost our rag and I threatened him with every punishment I could think of and made the whole situation worse. This included the threat of being taken in his pjs, but in the end SMO talked him round whilt I hid in the bedroom sobbing and he went off quite cheerfully if a bit late, which the teachers agreed was the best solution.

Back to the photo, I tried the kettle 1st, no joy and how dirty were my kitchen tiles - another job for the list. Then I tried a mug, still no joy. Was about to take a snap of the fake steam on the front of my Carte Noir jar when this happened.

Small-N-Grubby trotted off happily to school the last couple of days, although my stomach turned over when they rang me yesterday. It turns out SMO had got the lunches muddled and the poor little un had an allergy riddled lunch box that he couldn't eat. The class assistant said he was distraught and we took some extra food up for him to eat on the way home. Meanwhile over at Junior school the Dinky Diva was forced to eat his honey sandwiches and wasn't allowed to leave the lunch room until they were all gone. She had that look on here face when she came out of school, you know the one, luckily I had a jam tart about my person and all was forgiven.

Lastly I just have to say congratulations to my niece who had a little baby boy on Sunday night (will ask her if I am allowed to post a piccie). This means I am now a great-aunt which is not quite as bad as my sister being a GRANDMA!!!!
SMO has asked if he can be great-uncle Bulgaria and there's just no more you can say after that!

** Kate **


Kirsty Wiseman said...

hi kate - love the fold picture... pretty scraf xx
And no I didnt cheat on my steam picture... does it not look real? Unless the way I added the word steam looks too cheesy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fab catch up photos Kate :D

Rachael said...

Great catch up pictures. x

LisaBabe said...

Great photos, Kate. Love hearing your updates as well - sounds like there's never a dull moment around your house.

Lisa xoxo

Farmersgirl said...

I think we are all trying to clear up our crafty mess at the mo, Kate.
Great Aunts are fab, mine is still alive at 86, still likes to go out for dinner and a few drams of the best malt whisky! Nice pics too, I'm hoping to get back to HS:MS soon when the nights get lighter.