Thursday, January 24

Overflowing tubes!

Well not quite, but that is the last couple of days prompts on HS:MS.

Yesterday's was 'tube'
Today's is 'overflow'. These are horrible sugar puff things (without the sugar), which means they are really just broken up rice cakes. They overflowed on their way to the bin.
The coffee stain from my last post is a real one (although I quite like the idea of a stamp for scrapbook pages). It was on the back of an invoice left next to the pooter.

Still trying to write up my new shop home page. Have to do it at the PC which is a bit distracting I keep sales shopping!

** Kate **


Bambi said...

nice shots (^_^)

Jolanda said...

Both photo's are great!

Darcy said...

Good shot, I am currently chomping on rice cakes to stave off hunger, this dieting lark is getting very boring LOL