Wednesday, January 30

I have crafted!!!

Yes, before my site is dissed for not having any craft content, last night I set aside all other thoughts and crafted. A spot of jewellery making. I owed my mum a Christmas present, she had asked for a red necklace and bag charm and I bought all the beads before Christmas but got too tied up in a commission to make the things! Here they are.
Also made my sister's birthday pressie which I will blog once I have seen her.
Made this for me.
I have been looking at all of the really long styles of necklace and pendants that are 'in' at the moment, so it hangs on a really long cord.

Will target myself to get the cards done tonight.

I am fed up with myself for moaning all the time about the state of the tidying up, so instead I have decide to include in my blog a daily achievement.

Yesterday's achievement : all the kids Christmas presents have now been packed away!

On to today and HS:MS.
Show us what is being used for currency in your space today!
This is the sum total of the contents of my purse, I guess I won't get far on it.
Off to see what I can achieve today.

** Kate **


Marina said...

That is enough to put an hours shopping in the car park, oh and maybe a chocolate bar. hahahaha Marina :~)

Suzie said...

Well, I have even less in mine now!

Louise Woolford. said...

great shot, and ive got a penny more that you lol

Rach said...

Great currency shop. Love the beautiful necklaces you've made, they're beautiful, and fab idea on making a note of what you've achieved each day, rather than thinking about all that still needs to be done. Think I need to do that!

Louise said...

I love the pendant you made for you, stunning:)
your purse contents looks like mine usually does...LOL!!!

Sarah said...

Your pendants are beautiful.

Great currency shot, there is definitely enough there for a bar of chocolate so you're not poor yet!

Anonymous said...

Your necklaces are gorgeous. Any money is better than no money--lol

Rachael said...

Beautiful necklaces. Lol at the currency shot, I'd go for a chocolate bar. x

Jolanda said...

Love the shape of the money. Our Euro's are just round......