Tuesday, January 22

At last....

....................I have time to blog. Made an attempt yesterday but had Small-N-Grubby home sick from school. My mum had made him bread rolls with a speciality allergy type flour she uses and he had over-indulged! Luckily no allergic reaction just a poorly tummy from stuffing them whilst still warm. Funny I'd only commented to my mum when she handed them out that she always said warm bread gave you tummy ache.

I took a quick HS:MS photo yesterday for the word 'Ring', but despite telling himself I would only be on the computer for the length of a Bill and Ben episode he was having none of it. So here it is, late again.
Today's word is 'Wrinkle'. Anita on HS:MS has a new puppy and any excuse for a daily word that involves a shot of the little critter. I've followed suit but, as the real deal in our house is far too hairy to show any wrinkles (the alternative look to botox me thinks), I went for this one which the Dinky Diva won at the fair.
That's about it for today. S-N-G has gone back to school and I have loads to catch up on.

** Kate **


anita said...

ahh...lol...the word was Kirsties choice not mine...but like you said 'any excuse' ;)
love your puppy, but i think mine is cuter (but then i am biased!)

Louise said...

love the ring shot... is it a real coffee stain, or is it a stamp???

cute wrinkles too