Thursday, January 31

Endangered species

Apparently this..........
is a rare and endangered animal. No she hasn't been at the bins again, this info has come direct from the BBC news - so it must be true?

I knew the breed was rare but apparently breeding females are more scarce than giant pandas. Before someone plots some elaborate kidnap plan, I should add that the hairy menace had to be 'done' a few years back due to illness and is of absolutely no monetary value! She has other qualities of course, dig deep under all that fuzz and you might find them, you won't however find a brain!

Had a relaxing morning yesterday (code for didn't get anything done) and then lunch at my mum's. All this was in preparation for what has now become a very hectic Wednesday afternoon. Wait for it............. Small-N-Grubby has taken up ballet!!! (no comments about Sugar Plum Fairies please.) He has dithered over the idea since his sister started but was always put off by the slightly stern ladies in charge. Apparently 'Ballet Shoes' on tv over Christmas with Hermione in it has made the idea irresitible. No pictures of him as yet, I don't want to put him off.

Anyway, this means straight from school to ballet with a portable dinner for the Dinky Diva (her lesson is straight after his). So far I have made a pasta salad but any ideas for wholesome transportable dinners (that can be prepared in under 30 minutes) gratefully received.
I am seriously in danger of being led astray by yesterday's commenters. I have to pick up from school this afternoon and it looks like rain has set in for the day, a Mars bar would surely help my soggy walk up the hill go more pleasantly?
I leave you with a picture of her smelliness attempting to look cute. She certainly won't be coming with me this afternoon, she doesn't do rain!
** Kate **

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