Easter #2

First I have to get a quick rant off my chest. Someone I have met through craft fairs is getting married this year and borrowed my wedding invite samples before Christmas. Now she won't give them back, aaaaargh!!! Will have to start again - bigger and better of course - but anyone else wanting help with their invites will have to take photos home to look at!!!

Now that I have got the red haze over with, let me share Dinky Diva's easter room makes. They are - napkin ring bunnies, easter baskets and potato print chicks. Small-n-Grubby's potato prints all joined together so he had some help making giant daddy chick (in case you thought I had a potato that big!).

Little ones are now off to Granny and Daddad's for the night. Most of our plans are cancelled though as Silly-Mid-On is feeling fluie. You can't wait for the hols to come so that you can relax and unwind but your defenses are down and you are hit by all the bugs you've been fending off whilst you keep working all week. Never mind a quiet night in and uninterrupted Dr Who still sounds good to me, must get a large supply of chocolate ready.



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