Wish List

Spent the weekend on family time, playing, house sorting and finishing off with family dinner at mums. First time I have seen my sister since she returned from Tunisia. Anounced she is getting married out there this summer (nothing would suprise us! although I do hope this doesn't mean we are going to see even less of her than we do now.)

Have completed/started a couple of bits on the Wish List. Entered the hands scrap, started my altered canvas box, bought a DCWV Far East stack and got involved with my first on-line scrap. Updated list follows :

  • Make an exploding box
  • Enter the hands scrap competition - done
  • Alter canvas box - a £1.99 bargain from WHSmith - started
  • Celtic/fantasy cards - have bought some great stamps but never used them!
  • ATC box - to keep all the little left-over bits in for ATC making on the run
  • Send off to have my own stamp designs made up
  • Scrap last year's holiday
  • Make a stamp catalogue - to take shopping so I don't keep buying stamps similar to ones I've already got!
  • Decorate a clippy kit style pencil case that I've found
  • Make an oriental mini book - definately involves buying DCWV Far East stack
  • Try new jewelry designs - chandelier earings, woven bicone bracelet and rings
  • Sign up for online workshops - scrapping and photography
  • Make new wedding samples - started

Have started on my new wedding samples (pics below). Still not totally happy with them, but I have a few more ideas up my sleeve.

As my sister was home I was able to have a good chat about setting up an on-line shop (she is an accountant), will now take the plunge and stop procrastinating about this, must move to top of to do list, I guess I'll look at it tomorrow.

** Kate **


Kathy said…
OK, so only a teeny weeny little "to do" list then, eh?

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