Shop!, Shop!, Shop!

Posting very late on Wednesday night so just a quick note. Went crafting this morning, spent a couple of hours chatting and drinking coffee. Bought the following bits and bobs :
Whilst chatting heard that there was a place in town selling decorations for Croc type shoes, so couldn't resist stopping in on my way home. Sandra said they had Winnie-the-Pooh but didn't mention they had Snoopy!!
I know these aren't proper Crocs but I do have an excuse - funny sized feet. They are small and in between 2 sizes and the real deal just didn't fit me. They will probably be really uncomfortable and fall to pieces in a week!

Got home and was looking around on the net for some papers I wanted and ended up ordering a few bargains - time to wait for parcels again! That reminds me I must ring up about that missing cabinet I ordered, it must be on its way soon.

* Kate **


Kathy said…
oh they are cute.

Thanks for the reminder, I want some nice new crocs for the summer, must go and find that website someone gave me

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