Bank holiday weekend

Collected the little monsters from their grandparents on Sunday. Spent the day helping with the gardening and ate Sunday lunch on the patio in the sunshine. Made friends with a little robin that kept coming down to see what was going on. I think this calls for a robin scrapbook page. Didn't take any crafting with me but made some notes from the Sunday magazines on interesting design ideas.

Dinky Diva had her teddy with her, as she had slept over and couldn't be parted from him for the night. Granny found some of Silly-Mid-On's old hand knitted clothes, so teddy now has a whole new wardrobe.

Spent all day Monday tidying our own garden and turning out the shed. We are thinking of moving house so all areas need tidying and ruthlessly de-junking. I don't mind chucking the general household stuff but when it comes to my craft supplies I might just have to store them out the way at mum's house!
** Kate **


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