End of the hols

Ended the hols by helping the kids make a batch of chocolate haystacks (made with cornflakes not shredded wheat - yuk, yuk, yuk). The weather has been brilliant and hard to believe for mid-April. Took ball games to the park and had a picnic lunch. Dinky Diva threw a strop on the way home and nearly didn't go to her Grandma's for Sunday dinner. She let me wash and comb her hair through in the afternoon so she was allowed out for good behaviour. She hates having her hair really combed through properly. I ended up cutting it to get the worst of the knotted ends out. She has promised to brush it properly from now on so that she can grow it ready to be a bridesmaid in Sept!

Am quite excited having joined the Fisk-A-Teers yesterday. Already had some lovely welcome e-mails from other members this morning and I think my scrapbooking is really going to benefit from all the challenges and ideas.

Fingers crossed for parcel delivery today. I have vowed not to order anything more until my outstanding stuff arrives. Cold turkey without buying craft stuff - how long will I last!

** Kate **


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