Mini album journaling

Found something I had made with a bit of journaling on it (mostly hidden!). I bought a set of mini album/cards to make up and sell ready to place photos in. I decide to make one up as a demo and found some photos of Dinky Diva and Small-n-Grubby taken at the end of a wedding weekend.
The main journaling is hidden at the bottom of right hand page where the red ribbon is just showing.

Here is the tag pulled out in full. We had a fantastic weekend staying at the bride and grooms house (as they were treating themselves to a hotel). It was walking distance to the Quaker church and the reception was at the chocolate factory - heaven!

There's a bit more writing on the back of the album. Dinky Diva has found a froggy bean bag and is pulling a face cos I won't let her take it home!
Been keeping myself busy, entered a couple of card competitions, still re-organising my craft stuff (unending task) and opening parcels!! More arrived - stickers, papers and templates (some stuff to sell at craft fairs but I get first pick!).
Just the storage unit to come. Think I will ring up if not heard by Friday as they said it would be this week - can't really finish the tidying without it.
** Kate **


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