To shop or not to shop

Have been spending a lot of time online browsing (hence no new craft projects to share today - will have finished scrapping the Robin pictures tomorrow - promise). Am very tempted by an online shop here . For the price of a stall at a craft fair I can get a shop front for a year. Don't see how I can lose - I've done a craft fair where I would have been better off if I'd paid £1 to each person that came through the doors, can't be worse than that!

I can choose which items from my range I advertise e.g. my best sellers. Best of all I have my own personal computer geek to help with the HTML shop front (please Steve! - I haven't asked him yet). I'm sure he won't be offended by the geek title, this is a guy who has links to mine and his parents PCs so if we have problems he can view our systems remotely!!

I think I need to investigate the tax implications as my next step. There is a bit of chat on the shop forum about registering as self-employed. Silly-Mid-On has a cousin who works for business link I need to invite her round for a cup of coffee and a bit of brain picking!

Don't like to have no pics at all today, and want to catch up on some old projects as I have been crafting for years but only blogging for weeks! I made these notebooks from plain notepads which had no covers. Cut covers from thick card and decorated with stamped images.

Stamps are by - butterflies = Funstamps, cat portrait = Anita's, tall cats and little girl = Stamps Happen. I think I got the notepads from Rymans.

** Kate **


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