Getting Started

It's been a busy week to start my blog. An Easter Fair at the local school sent me rushing to my local craft shop for last minute stash. I discovered the new Treasure Box stamps from Creative Expressions had arrived. After caressing and admiring them I found myself agreeing to do some samples for the shops fortnightly craft group (well work is work Easter Fair or not).

So all this work on and Small-And-Grubby (see profile) swells up with an angry red rash. It's not the first time but we still don't know what triggers it. He's been sick on both my duvets plus his own bed!! I have washing in the garden, on the heaters, in the living room, kitchen, bathroom....... you get the picture.

Anyway in all this chaos I have managed to finish some treasure boxes.

I used the larger 'windsong' stamp. This is a big stamp (man you is a biiiiiiig stamp), so it really needs some welly. The way I tackle this is at the kitchen worktop. Stand close to the worktop, get on tip-toe and really lean down on it. Hold the stamp still with one hand and make sure you press over the whole image with the other hand.

This box has got 5 sides, is stamped with black versa fine ink and
is coloured with water colour pencils.

The next picture is of a 3 sided box, silver embossed and coloured with twinkling H2O's.

You can make the boxes with flat tops if you cut around the lines on the flaps. To make the triangle box lie flat you need to cut right down to the smallest of the semi-circles (which you can see on the picture on the left).

I've left both of mine with the flaps on and folded them one over the other.

My next task is to make one of Shimelle's Lucky scrapbooks (follow the link from her blog to the Fiskateers page). Will post the results soon.



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