Glen of Imaal Terriers

After posting my last entry I was browsing the net looking at Glen sites. I had forgotten they are cute, cute puppies. Have scanned on a couple of images of Squit-the-Dog which are waiting in my file to be scrapped (I just haven't found the right papers yet).

Also found a site dedicated to the Cleary's, the couple who I bought my puppy from in 1999.
Sadly, they have both passed away now, but the site shows how they dedicated a good deal of their lives to this feisty little(big) breed.

Not much crafting has gone on this weekend, just more spring cleaning. Hope to hear on Monday about the things I currently have on order.... if only things could arrive as speedily as you can order them!

Have a couple of Easter projects on at the moment, hopefully they will be completed for my next post. Although, looking at my diary I have a jewelry order that needs finishing and a tribute tag for a fellow crafter that needs completing by Wednesday. Thank goodness for school, I should get some me time to be creative whilst my 2 are out...... On no! only a week until the Easter holidays I need to find some - keep them busy - without too much mess - without needing constant supervision - activities.



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