Snuggled in bed with a horses head

I thought I would do a little feature on a member of the family - Squit-the-Dog.

She is a Glen of Imaal terrier, which is apparently a rare Irish breed. Personally I think she may be rare as she is a right royal pain in the backside.

One of her favorite hobbies is running up large vets bills. Her most recent escapade earnt her the new nickname. She had a late night raid on the dustbin right after we had smoked mackeral for tea. Then at 5.30am the following morning she escaped from the garden and raided the bins of the local takeaways (a kebab house and an indian). I needn't detail how ill she was! The vet referred to her diet as 'cosmopolitan' and prescribed antibiotics and the doggy equivalent of diorolyte - both of which she hated. She has spent a lot of time feeling sorry for herself and lost quite a bit of weight (the dog that is not the vet).

For the layout I have used DCWV card which has bright colours with a white core so you can sand it down to good effect ( I have also done this a little with the photograph). The checked paper is American Traditional Designs which came in a pack with the co-ordinating buttons (also sanded a bit). The flowers and metal tag are from Papermania.

The horses head story happened just after Christmas.

Small-n-Grubby had a hobbyhorse which he left lying around. The leg, stick (whatever it's called) was trodden on and the plastic inside shattered. I managed to move it to the kitchen (by way of a stepping stone to the dustbin) and propped it up at the back of the computer. At some point it has slid down and landed in madam's bed where she now snuggles up with it.

Now I will have a fight on my hands to get rid of it as both dog and boy are against me!



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