2 Things ...............

I've discovered about blogging.

1. It takes a lot of time. Not the blogging but nosing around other blogs, then checking links on those blogs and looking at the dares, templates, shops and so on and so on.

2. Then there is the weight issue. I'm sure sitting here scoffing crisps is doing my figure no good at all!

Anyway, the reason I have spent so long sat here today is I have really started sorting out my shop in earnest (earnest isn't a host its an expression, like don't call me shortly, I'm losing the plot now, or plop as I originally typed!). The actual host will be CraftMarkets, Sally may regret setting this site up by the time she's finished with me, I'm already stuck in the registration bit.
I can see it's all going to take some time so I have decided to give myself a realistic opening date of 07.07.07 (sounds catchy ehh?!?) and if its ready before then alls well and good. The only real set back is it may mean a bit less crafting while I get it all up and running. If only I could drag myself away from this blithering computer.

** Kate **


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