An early update today as I'm Cabinet Waiting and its Rainbows tonight. The Cabinet was 'on the road' at 9.30am according to ANC tracking, which means it could arrive at any moment (will try and get time for an update this evening). Rainbows, if you were wondering, is a section of the Guide Association for girls aged 5 to 7. I've been involved with the unit for 5 years now and whilst I enjoy it I'm warn out by the end of Friday as its the same day as the toddler group I help at. Glutton for punishment is I think the expression you're looking for.

Here's the bargain - I was gonna share the QVC item number with you but its sold out never to return :
Blank book ,fibres, pink papers, instructions and quotes all for £15 including postage - I think it was a bargain and am very pleased. Probably won't make exactly the book in the instructions but thats what we all do isn't it, put our own personal stamp on things?
If I get really excited about the Cabinet later I might start re-arranging my craft stuff and taking photos - update to follow - fingers crossed!
** Kate **


Sue said…
OK so 1 0'clock any cabinet news

Pop onto Just bex I need to know!!!! :)

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