I've just been in a fight.

I've gone 10 rounds with a kitchen cupboard!

Silly-Mid-On does the weekly shop in the wee small hours, says there's no queues at the tills and all the shop assistants know him by name. I've just gone to put the tea on and 5 bags of potatoes have lept out of the cupboard at me. I wanted a saucepan but they were guarding them and wouldn't let me pass. 5 bags! ok, so one of them was sweet (no I don't have a potato fetish, I mean the orange sort, yams) but still 5 bags. You like to be stocked up but you don't expect to find the EU potato mountain in your pan cupboard.

He is at cricket of course, the 'season' is upon us. This is some sort of stupid pretence the cricketing world maintains when really there is no such thing - they play all year round. If your rich or extremely talented you go to Australia or the West Indies for the winter otherwise you play indoors in the local sports centre, have pre-season warm ups, nets and then its the summer again.

As he quite cheerfully pointed out to another dad this morning when we were collecting Dinky Diva from bell ringing, it's not like football (90 mins), you get there at 1.30pm for a 2pm start and if your lucky the game has finished by 8pm. Of course there's a game Sunday afternoon too (with kids coaching in the morning beforehand), Tuesday evening practice and Wednesday night league (with coaching at the local school beforehand). In case you are wondering this is not his job (he wishes!) all this is in his 'spare' time. Before I crack on totally about how abandoned I am, I should point out that he doesn't play Sunday's (just organises the team) - otherwise I may as well have gone for artificial insemination.

Never mind - at least he's done the shopping!!

** Kate **

PS my last few posts are making me sound like a right moaner - but I'm not, I don't think? I must get on I',m supposed to be cooking that tea!


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