Happy Tuesday

Having a good day today. Weather not too bad, even a bit of sun at times. The store front for the online shop is progressing faster than I thought and I am very optimistic about it.

Ordered some fab stasherooney yesterday (she says in her best Milo from the Tweenies voice - can't you tell I've got a pre-schooler). Got it from Papermaze and its already come this morning, hows that for service. Its the 2nd order I've made from them and I've been very impressed. The stock levels on the website are really up to date (I've ordered stuff from other places but the stock levels haven't been updated, so you think you've bought loads and then get an e-mail to say they haven't got any left - sorry a rant snuck in there). Here's what I ordered :

All the papers were in the sale - the floral ones are Chatterbox campus, brocade from Scenic Route and some Basicgrey Sophie card hidden at the back. The Autumn Leaves stamps are fab and I couldn't resist finishing off with a bit of Queen and Co. Oh, and the chalks were in the sale too, thought I could pop them in my bag I take out when I'm crafting. That should be my craft spending over for the month, lets see how long that idea lasts!

Got given this today :

Its a strange beast. Little boxes clip on around the edge and there's a big container in the middle. I think nails and DIY stuff might have come in it. I'll soon have it filled up.

Off to do more work on the shop.

** Kate **


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