Here's one I made earlier

The shop is coming on at a pace, so not much crafting (or anything else) going on. Uploaded some pictures to the shop site today and have nearly finished the shop front. I'd like a fancy header on the welcome page but I'm still working on it. Here's one of the first few items I'm planning to launch with:

I've put the pretty dress cards that I blogged about the other day on there as well.

One thing that isn't working is the link between here and the shop. I wanted it to look at least a tiny bit eye catching but my first attempt failed. The code ran when I tested it but not when I put it into blogger. Boo hoo, back to the drawing board for that one. As I'm teaching myself as I go along the learning curve is steep, but I do think I will be ready long before 07.07.07. I've got a holiday to fit in before then so I'll remain cautious and not revise the date yet.

Busy day tomorrow, so I might have to catch up with blogging and reading everyone elses blogs over the weekend.

** Kate**

Edit : I take it all back it was me, I just spotted a missing colon thingy in the code. Did a quick test and it works. Have whipped it back off the blog again as there's nowt to see yet. I can now head for bed happy!


Beckie said…
Lovely Kate! The colours are beaut :)
Rachel said…
Kate that is gorgeous, love the colour. Scrummy purchases and wow how fab is that "free" container
I love this piece the colour is gorgeous.
Karva said…
WOW thats fab, love the colours. Hope you DS is on the mend in no time.xx

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