Yes, its......................................heeeeeeeeeeeere! Arrived about 4pm but as I was practically on the door step waiting to go out I couldn't do an update. I may be slightly jaded by the long wait but it isn't quite all I'd hoped for (just picky things really I suppose it depends on your prespective). Here's a little review :

This is what all the fuss has been about - you know one of those thingies whats been advertised in a lot of the craft mags.

I went for it because I already use the boxes and have them stacked on end in my bedroom. When you knock one over on your toe those suckers are heavy. I also feel that if I have invested a fair bit in 12x12 papers etc its worth keeping them so you don't end up with lots of curly edges.

The draws fit in really nicely (after all it is made to measure) and they slide in and out with ease.

The construction is solid wood, no MDF and it arrives assembled - no flat pack (apart from adding the optional castors if you wish.)

Here's the thing - you can order them plain to decorate yourself or for no extra charge (they are £49.95 without the boxes in case you were wondering) they can be painted in a choice of colours. I went for pale blue but the finish is not as good as I would have hoped for the money.

There is a row of panel pins on the top that have been painted over unfilled and knot holes on the back and inside which have been sanded down but again painted over unfilled. I know the back and sides won't get seen that much but the amount of effort needed to fill them before painting would have been minimal, whereas now its been painted it would be a lot more work. Knots in natural wood can look very attractive but when the wood is painted they just look like big dents and nail holes are unattractive however you look at it! See what you think?

I feel a constructive e-mail to the supplier coming on - just pointing the problems out to enhance the satisfaction for future customers. Not right now though I'm missing Ugly Betty, it can wait till the weekend. Bank holiday in the UK too, have a good one.

** Kate **


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