Long weekend ........

Just a quick blog tonight as its going to be a long busy weekend for me. Spent yesterday at the dermatology dept of the local hospital where Small-N-Grubby had his 1st referral. This is for the rash he gets (I blogged about it in one of my very 1st posts). Its always difficult with little ones because hospitals/tests are never comfortable. He always makes us laugh though, one way or another. Its hard to keep a straight face when he tells his dad "when they call my name lets run" and he was true to his word legging it off down the corridor when they called for him. He's now on a very strict exclusion diet (hopefully not for too long). He's being very grown up about it and rejoicing in little things like a home made ice pop (melon and water blitzed in the blender and frozen with a lolly stick stuck in it). Its going to mean lots of cooking from scratch for me, no packaged and preservative filled foods. Wheat, most fruits and nuts are all banned. All recipes and links to interesting sites welcome!

Spent today relaxing and sorting out for a day out for the Rainbows 20th anniversary tomorrow. Had a delivery from Craft Obsessions with a cool journalling pad and some bargain papers and beads. Very helpful chap on the phone and a little suprise in the parcel!

Hope everyone's having a good weekend.

** Kate **

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