My fairy name is ..................

Just got back from Rainbows (little girls group - aged 5 to 7). We had a fairy evening and everyone went dressed up. It was hard work though, there was a lot of mucking about. NOT the girls - the helpers! Put teenagers and twenty-somethings in fairy wings and tiaras and there's no controlling them. No wonder they get out of hand on these hen nights. All my lot needed were some L plates and they'd have been well away, no alcohol required.

One of the activities was to work out your fairy name. Mine's 'Secret Dream', I quite like the idea of being someone's secret dream (however unlikely!). My happy helpers all thought the activity was great so here's the list to work it out for yourself. Just look up your initials to get your new name :
  • A = Moonshine
  • B = Glow
  • C = Magic
  • D = Silver
  • E = Firefly
  • F = Sparkle
  • G = Flower
  • H = Glitter
  • I = Twinkle
  • J = Moonbeam
  • K = Secret
  • L = Flicker
  • M = Light
  • N = Glisten
  • O = Enchanting
  • P = Flutter
  • Q = Gleam
  • R = Petal
  • S = Shimmer
  • T = Dream
  • U = Charm
  • V = Wish
  • W = Star
  • X = Glimmer
  • Y = Butterfly
  • Z = Shine

(taken from a Tinkerbell fairy comic)

Have started working with my QVC TSV kit. Decided to keep it all to myself, so the 1st thing I'm making is a 6"x6" album from last years beach trips. Hopefully I'll have something to share soon. I'm using Shimelle's Box of Sweets template for all the pages, keeping the photos 6"x4". If this grotty weather keeps up there might not be any cricket tomorrow and I might get some time to craft in the afternoon!

** Kate **

EDIT : almost forgot to say, the lovely people at Storage4Crafts have sent me a voucher to spend after I sent them my photos of the holey cabinet. I feel a spot of shopping coming on.


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