New priorities

Regretably this will be my last post for a while. This little one is taking up most of my spare time with his fancy pants diet. He's being very brave and we've only had a few tears about not being able to have favorite foods. I made soup tonight, I have to admit it was disgusting without the stock cube in it! He cried and said he wanted "mato sauce soup" but tomatoes are banned. I cooked a batch of oaty flapjacks on Monday but left them in too long and they burnt. Had to cook them again today. "Disco pops", liquidised melon and water frozen with a lolly stick in, are going down very well and are his main source of 'sweets'.

I've also made some pure sugar candies, tooth rotting stuff, but I thought they would be handy for bribery if/when we have to go to the hospital again. They are great fun to make, you pull the sugar mixture and twist and fold it to make it look like glossy stripes - this also burns the skin off your finger tips, so added protein too!

Needless to say absolutely no crafting has taken place. The shop is in a good position to be left, practically ready to open, with the code for the shop front and links saved ready to go when I am.

I'll be getting my internet fix in the evenings when I can and I'm still looking for exciting recipes that fit a Salicylate, Tartrazine, Azo Dye and Benzoic Acid Free Diet (just rolls off the tip of your tongue doesn't it!).

Catch up with again soon, enjoy the lovely weather.

** Kate **


Karva said…
Kate you poor thing, it must be very difficult. Just think after a couple of weeks you will be flying it. Hope it makes a difference. keep smiling :)
What a cutie you DS is, love those big blue

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