Not Quite Ascot

Spent the morning in church at 'May Madness'. It was kinda based around Ascot races. The kids made hobby horses and everyone made big hats. There was Morris and Maypole dancing (not at the same time!). Dinky Diva's handbell group played a couple of tunes - they're getting very good. Didn't have my camera with me - shock horror. We had only intended to look in quick but then the cricket got called off, due to bad weather, and we stayed all morning. Small-N-Grubby was crowned May King and had a splendid time bossing people around. There were a few tears when DD didn't get May Queen but she did both lots of dancing and it all ended with smiles.

When it came to the hobby horse races the adults borrowed the kids steeds and Silly-Mid-On was determind to win. He even pushed past one old lady, very unsportsman like. He won a 2" high cup which befitted the achievement.

With the bad weather the plan was to craft all pm, but it just didn't happen. Woke up feeling not on top form today, so took the opportunity to slink back to bed. Slept soundly all pm, so I think I needed it. May get some more of my sea album done tonight - got the quote I had been looking for in the poetry corner this morning so research went on if not actual crafting.

Going to the out-laws tomorrow. Is it bad form to take a bag of craft stuff with you? Especially as the weather looks bad, we could be sat chatting all day. If I finish the album tonight I'll take some jewelry to make, then if I leave a bit behind for the hostess it won't look so bad - sorted.

** Kate **


Karva said…
hi kate,great to see you over on bumbleberry. love the blog. sounds like you had a fab day despite the weather

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