Position Vacant - Tooth Fairy

Headed up to bed quite late last night and the first thing I noticed was my alarm clock was missing. Remembered the Tooth Fairy was due to visit, but don't recall her being famous for pilfering alarm clocks. Looked everywhere but couldn't find it. Anyway was reminded by then about the Tooth Fairy. Snuck off to see if she had been. Dinky Diva was sound asleep placed firmly in the centre of her pillow. Lifted up the corner of her pillow and there was her A4 letter to the TF directly beneath her head, the tooth was no where to be seen. By now I am pretty tired and not really thinking that clearly, so I stand there with the pillow half up contemplating whether the TF could add a little note to the letter without actually taking it out when the kid wakes up. I think of the first thing that comes into my head and promptly accuse her of taking my alarm clock! (oh the shame, I am bad mother). She grunts at me, lays back down and goes back to sleep. I slink off back to my bed feeling ashamed I have failed in motherly duties as TF.

The verruca gnome arrives home from cricket 'practice' (I say 'practice' as the majority of the time is spent lifting a pint glass up and down). He offers to sort out my mess and heads off to do the deed. The tooth is in a little pot under the pillow - the idea of which being that it is easier to find than a tiny little tooth. It has been commercially manufactured exactly the right size for the tooth to be replaced by a pound coin. VG comes back looking very smug, he has found said pot and managed to ram a 20p in it, the letter he has left behind "what letter?" he says.

So this morning Dinky Diva is all gappy smiles, very pleased with her 20p and perfectly happy with our explanation that the TF read her letter but couldn't take it with her as she had far too many teeth and coins to carry!

On a crafting note I have been playing a new game today (well not exactly new as I have been playing it for a while now). Its called Cabinet Waiting and is some what like watching paint dry except it requires a good deal of anger and frustration built in. Have decided to add a new tag to the bottom of my blog entries - number of days since cabinet was ordered (and paid for I might add) from Storage4Crafts.

Number of days since cabinet ordered = 44

** Kate **


Sue said…
your blog has had me PMSL

I will be back - love your kids names lol
Eminepala said…
LOL this story is too funny ;)
I can't wait for the time to come when I have to play the TF...

Have a great day

Lythan said…
Our tooth fairy is pants. She keeps forgetting. kids are somewhat resigned to it now.
But once the tooth fairy managed to replace tooth with coin under pillow WHILE CHILD WAS AWAKE (only just mind) a feat of which she is still mighty proud.

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