Sunny Sunday

Ended the weekend feeling really exhilarated. Had a fantastic day at the Rainbow birthday party. The weather was glorious and the girls lifted my spirits and made me so glad to have been involved. Absolutely exhausted now. Here's Dinky Diva starting off the biggest pass the parcel with about 150 other girls and 10 parcels between them.

After playing games and making things in the morning we were entertained in the afternoon by Mr Jengo and his friends. This guy was great, good clean family fun. The girls loved all his animal friends and were screaming with laughter at their antics. If you need a kids entertainer he's your man. Here he is with DD's favorite Dinostar.

I've got an absolutely packed week. I won't fill in the schedule here but I am off now to go and form a battle plan.

** Kate **


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