The Best Made Plans

I suppose this is really a very late Thursday blog! Spent Thursday morning sorting and tidying as you could hardly walk across my bedroom without craft stuff attacking and tripping you up. Made a list of the most important things to do before the end of the weekend. All feeling very good and organised. Went to check mum was OK before picking up Small-N-Grubby from pre-school. Stopped back in at mum's on the way home to collect a bag (and some microwave crisps!), that's when the phone call came. Could I collect the Dinky Diva from school she has a temperature. This of course throws everything in to disarray, bless her.

Her temperature raged overnight but she was quite chirpy with it and scoffing ice cream! Its practically normal this morning, but I have kept her home to recuperate.

Any way this means a quick blog from me this morning as I won't get any other me time today.

Found a link to an inspirational scrapbook site on Sea Breezes. Its all about multi pic LOs and will be a good one to check if you have scappers block. Have a look here. Also on Sea Breezes Jane has made a great towelling beach cover-up. This brought back childhood memories - traumatic ones. We had these for the beach in the 70's, they looked a bit like those outfits the Von Trapp family made out of the curtains! Being the youngest of 3 daughters I had to suffer the trauma the longest with the unending hand-me-downs. I guess the all-in-one kids sunsuits you buy are todays equivalent. Will get pics from my mum this weekend and scan them on - if I can bear to!

No crafting due to sick DD, so here's one I made earlier. Its from a magazine idea, Craft Stamper I think, not a recent one. Garden gate with brad handles, open up and it leads you to the new home.
Really up against the clock for the rest of the weekend and there's an online crop at the Fisk-A-Teers. Might drop in but I doubt there will be time for any challenges!

** Kate **


Leigh said…
cute card Kate, hope DD is feeling better now.

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