Saturday, June 16

Craft Day

Actually got some crafting done today in between amusing the kids and watching QVC craft day. (I've resisted the TSV so far but 'resistance is futile'. Have ordered a DCWV kit though it appears to contain practically all of the Far East range for a fraction of the combined individual prices.

Finished a card competition entry, but I suppose I had better keep that to myself for now.

I've also been working on a craft file as part of a challenge on JustBex . I'm way behind with it as the challenge only caught my eye when everyone else started posting their completed ones!

Here's a peak at a couple of bits of it.

I'm really pleased with the little birds on the front. They were one of the half-price stamps I bought on Wednesday. The text 'love birds' was written underneath them, but I chopped it off with a craft knife. I think I will get a lot of use out of it now. Hopefully I'll finish the whole file tonight whilst watching the last of craft day, then I can blog it tomorrow. I'll have to get straight on with the first section inside or I'm not gonna catch up!

** Kate **

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Hazel said...

Love the folder - at least you've made a start (I still haven't - goodness knows whether I'll ever catch up - and such a long list of other things to be done).