Die Cuts With A View

What a c**p weekend. Not going to blog about it, particularly Sunday, would rather erase it from my memory.

Found something far more cheerful to blog about. On my shop front it says that I won the Die Cuts With A View category of 2006 Card Maker of the Year (held by Card Making and Papercraft Magazine), so I thought I would dig out a pic of my winning entry.

I am now a complete DCWV convert and use their stuff in lots of my projects (not least of all because they sent me a huge box of it for winning!). I also love the newer lines they have out like the Far East and Olde World stacks which I have bought. Would definitely like the 'Once Upon a Time' to add to that, saw it in the flesh the other day and its really stunning.

I've been asked a couple of times about why 'noseycritters'. Well its not without reason, several actually.

  • If you Google it ('noseycritters' no spaces, no caps), you basically just get everything to do with me! - my blog or my shop. Which I thought was quite handy.
  • I can use sad comments like 'Have a nosey at my shop!!'
  • In the grand plan for world domination stage 5 (or is it 6) I have designed some critters to use on my crafting. Gonna get the proofs off and have some stamps made up. Then I can stamp 'em and sell 'em to my hearts content.

Should be sorting out paperwork, bills and tax stuff this afternoon, so that probably means I'll get some crafting done instead!!

** Kate **


Jenny said…
Well done on winning the magazine competition Kate! And thanks for your tips on jazzing up my blog too, I will work out how to do a haeder one day when I get time haha!


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