Dress Toppers

First bit of news is that I am involved in the hush, hush thing I can't mention. More than a little nervous about it now that its happened, but the bones of the idea is there I just need to flesh it out. I will be blogging full details just as soon as I can (and once I've actually done something, lol).

I've been busy making toppers for the shop, thought it would be fun to make them for other people to incorporate in their work instead of putting them straight onto cards myself. Of course, if no one buys them I can still make cards myself!

You can't get the same picture quality on the shop, so its good to link a few extra pics here.

My sister is taking me to a craft shop tomorrow. A local one I haven't managed to get to yet.
Too bad about the stash diet. Did last 8 days, but a trip out to a craft shop with my big sis is too good an offer to miss. Although Dinky Diva has been complaining of earache all evening so I might not get there yet!

** Kate **


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